Welcome to VIVA EVENTS!

VIVA EVENTS offers comprehensive Event Managment / Decorating services, perfect for any occasion. Our team of event decorators will use their talent and expertise to create your most memorable events.


If you want a spectacular event that will be remembered for years to come, trust in VIVA EVENTS to make it happen.

Decorator/ Designer Barbara Martinez  is passionate about designing and decorating events. She created VIVA EVENTS  to share decorating approaches and offer simple ways to bring your events a live and give a unique touch. Viva Events is a new concept of giving the event the design and decor that you really are looking for to make the event unforgettable.

                 In starting my own company the focus now is on the unique and affordable ideas to decrorate and design the event.   I start with a focal point or idea and build on that until I achieve the final picture. I love all the details and showing others how magical an event can be.